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Current Chess News and Events
The Chess Cafe - online magazine that features analysis and commentary on current world chess news by top rank players and international organizers.
This Week in Chess - up to the minute chess news complete with games from current international tournaments.
Tim Harding's Chess Mail - an online chess magazine dedicated to correspondence chess and playing chess over the Internet.
Informative Homepages and Miscellaneous
Internet Chess Club - The World's Most Active Chess Club - A website featuring chess and chess-variants that can be played over the internet, together with downloadable software and a 7-day free trial.
New in Chess - your link to what's new in the chess world. Excellent source of chess links.
Chess 'n Math Association - website for Canada's national scholastic chess organization, providing instruction and tournament information for young players.
Bill Wall's Chess Page - an amusing chess-related site with articles ranging from Opening Traps for beginners, to wacky chess 'daffynitions' and 'how to annoy your opponent'.
Tim Krabbé's Chess Curiosities - trivia and puzzles for the average club player and general chess enthusiast.
International and Regional Chess Organisations
Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) - website for the international chess federation, providing current rating statistics for players in international events with an overview of the year's best games of chess.
Welcome to Russian Chess - Russian Chess, the chess site devoted to the main chess events, chess games, chess analyses and chess education!
Chess Federation of Canada - club list and regional event information for chess players in Canada as well as providing downloadable aids to chess teachers.
United States Chess Federation - club list and regional event information for chess players in the United States, together with world chess news, beginner tips, articles on improving your play, and online store.

Baroque Chess - another great chess variant similar to that of Omega Chess. This wikipedia page provides information on how to play this game.